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Amazing North East Vietnam

Amazing North East Vietnam

Amazing North East Vietnam

When tourists talk about Vietnam Tours, they always mention popular tourist places as Halong bay Tours, Sapa Tours,  Ha Noi city Tours , Hue Tours , Hoi An Tours , Saigon Tours or Mekong delta Tours but Amazing North East Vietnam have never been heard

Today, World Mate Travel would like to introduce you the unspoiled destinations in the North of Vietnam - Amazing North East Vietnam.

Amazing North East Vietnam covers many beautiful provinces as Ha Giang, Bac Can, Cao Bang and Lang Son.

What to see in the north east of Vietnam?

1. Ha Giang Province:

We can drive from Hanoi to Ha Giang by Motobike or travel by bus. it will take 8 -9 hour driving from hanoi ( 300 km away from Hanoi)
Located in the highest latitude in Vietnam, Ha Giang shares borders with Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai and China.

Ha Giang Province is also home to many ethnic minority groups as The Dzao, H`mong, Tay and Nung.

The Ha Giang weather is divided in two main seasons : Dry and Rainy
- The dry season starts from October to late March. it will be cold from December to January.
- The rainy season is from April to September.

What to see in Ha Giang province?

- Quang Ba Pass :

It is called as the Gate of Heaven. From Quang Ba Pass you have a good chance to enjoy overview of Quang Ba Valley and Thach Vu Doi ( Known as “Two Stone Breasts of Fairy” in the valley below). It is 45 km away from Ha Giang Town.

- Dong Van Rock Plateu:

It is the highland (around 1600 m above sea level) in the most farest north of Vietnam. The rock covers over 80 % Surface of Dong Van Highland and some peaks is up to 2000 m above sea level. The age of Dong Van Rocks is about 400 to 600 million years. The Rock Plateu of Dong Van was recognized by UNESSCO as Global Geoparks Network on 3-October-2010.

- Meo Vac Market in Ha Giang :

It is one of the most colorful markets in the northern of Vietnam.
This market is open on every Sunday for all of ethnic minority groups in Ha Giang province to come here not only for trading but meeting and party. The boys and the girls of H`mong people try to wear the most beautiful costumes they have. They come here for shopping, dancing and drinking!

- Khau Vai Love Market ( Cho Tinh Khau Vai) :

 Khau Vai Love Market ( Cho Tinh Khau Vai) :
It is open on the 26th and the 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar. There are hundreds of ex-lovers from hill tribes as Nung, Tay, San Chi, Lo Lo, Dzao, Giay and Hmong come Khau Vai market to meet each other. They hike from various mountainous districts nearby to be able to spend two days with their old flames they could not spend their lives with.
This market related to the sad story that the ethnic Giay girl in Ha Giang fell in love with the ethnic Nung boy in Cao Bang but two these hill tribes ( The Giay and The Nung groups) did not agree with their love because they said the Giay girl had to marry with the Giay boy , not allowed to marry with the Nung Boy ( the other minority group). This couple did ignore their group and ran away to the peak of the mountain ( Khau Vai Market Position now) but when they looked to to their village of the girl , they found out two of their groups having bloody war. They fell very sorry for this case. they decided to say good bye each other and said I would meet each other at the peak on the 26th and the 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar. so that is why the boys and the girls of ethnic minority groups come this market every year on on the 26th and the 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar to meet their old flames.
If you would like to come here , you have to check the lunar calendar to get the right dates for the Khau Vai Love Market.

2. Bac Can Province:

Bac Can Province is located in the midland mountainous area of Vietnam. It will take 5 hour driving from Hanoi ( 200 km away from Hanoi).

Bac Can is home to the Tay , Nung and H`mong ethnic minority groups.

What to see in Bac Can province?

Ba Be Lake - Amazing Lake in Vietnam

Ba Be Lake - Amazing Lake in Vietnam
Ba Be Lake is in the center of Ba Be National park. With 178 m above sea level , Ba Be lake becomes the highest lake on the mountain in Vietnam. Ba Be Lake has 3 lakes connecting together ( over 500 ha). It is home to many freshwater monster fishes .
This lake is very good for whole day boat trip to see the lakes , Fairy Pond, Dau Dang waterfall and Nguom Ngao Cave. you spend 3 days 2 nights homestay in the Tay villlage Pac Ngoi.
So many activities for Ba Be Tour as Ba Be Boat Trip, Ba Be Boat Rowing , Ba Be Waterfall , Ba Be Caves , Ba Be Market, Ba Be Trekking, Ba Be Fishing and Ba Be Swimming.
Ba Be Lake Tour is amazing Tour tourists must come to see!

3. Cao Bang Province:

Cao Bang Province is located in the far north east of Vietnam. It is also a mountainous province with amazing landscape and home to many ethnic minority groups.

So what to see in Cao Bang province ?

Ban Gioc waterfall Tour :

Ban Gioc Waterfall Tour
Located at the border between Vietnam and China, Ban Gioc waterfall is the largest waterfall in Asia and the fourth largest waterfall along a national border in the world, with over 200 meters (656 f.) wide and a drop of more than 70 meters (229 ft.). Below it, there is a deep pool more than 200 meters (656 f.) wide and over 30 meters (99 ft.) depth.
In four season, you can enjoy different scenery of the waterfall. The flame-red blossoms are in full bloom in spring. the waterfall surroundings turn golden-yellow in autumn. The waters become stronger and violent in the summer and the fall’s clear waters drop slowly during winter.
Near by Ban Gioc Water Fall, you can visit a beautiful cave Nguom Ngao (Tiger cave)
It takes 2 hour driving to the waterfall. You have to get permission for Cao Bang Town before trip to Ban Gioc waterfall.
There are one local restaurant at the waterfall, you can get food for lunch from there.
This waterfall is highlight for this province, you should not miss if you come this province.
You can see more from Video about Ban Gioc Waterfall below:

4. Lang Son Province:

Lang Son Vietnam
Shared the border with China, Lang Son is far northern region of Vietnam, The province capital city also called Lang Son, it share 253km border with Guang xi province of China. Northwest shares with Cao Bang province, Bac Giang province on the south, Quang Ninh province on the south east, Bac Kan and Thai Nguyen on the west and south-west

What to see in Lang Son province?

Ky Lua Market :

It is located in Lang Son city. this market is the meeting place for the boys and the girls of ethnic minority group as The Tay , Nung and Dzao. They come here for shopping and also meeting the lovers.
This market is open on 2nd and 7th of Lunar. You can buy some handicraft items from this market.

Tam Thanh and Nhi Thanh Caves:

They are also beautiful caves in this areas. there are some temples inside. The local people always come here on the 1st or 15th of Lunar to pray for good luck.

Should you need more information about Vietnam Adventure Tours , please feel free to contact us any time. Enjoy your Amazing Vietnam Tours in the north east